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Celebrity Hitman - Engine Celebrity Hitman - Engine

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice engine

Alright, alot of people mis-understand that it's just a engine, which bothers me but whatever. Anyways, for all you people that say it's easy to click out of the box, you can maximize the window, well I don't know if you can in XP but you can in 2KP. One idea you could use is making arrow keys move you, it was easy to over shoot the target by moving with the mouse (Over shoot as in move to far) and if you have to react quick, it might be a problem in the game. Another idea is if you could make it somewhat like Time Crisis-ish if you've ever played that game, but I'm not exactly that good at Action Scripting so I don't know, otherwise it's a fine engine, keep up the good work!